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Dave Gibb

May 17, 2010

We had an excellent night with Dave Gibb up at the Memorial Hall. A nice mix of new songs he’s written, some old favourites (Avalon being one of mine) a lot of humour and some sparkling guitar playing. For those who are not already Gibb-devotees I should mention his gorgeous arrangement of Burns’ ‘Green Grow the Rushes Oh’ and a breathtaking version of ‘Lady Eleanor’. Dave is an excellent songwriter, but he offers other matierial as well.

 Thanks to everyone who supported the gig. And thanks to Dave for a most excellent evening.

 I’m in the process of sorting out a few private events for the summer, and actually pinning down bookings for the autumn, so the current void that is the ‘coming soon’ page will be fixed in the not too dim and distant.


Tania Opland and Mike Freeman

March 16, 2010

On the 27th March, Mike Freeman and Tania Opland will be performing at the Memorial Hall, Headless Cross.

Longstanding favourites of Redditch Folk club, this highly talented duo play a range of instruments and sing in a number of languages, with a repertoire of traditional music from around the world.

Mike Freeman’s roots are in Eastern Europe, with grandparents from Russia, Roumania and Hungary.  He has played guitar and percussion with an assortment of bands, accompanied Middle Eastern and African dance troupes, performed at countless festivals throughout Britain, and featured on recordings in the roles of musician, arranger and producer. Mike’s main instrument is the Gambian djembe, from which he draws an amazing variety of sounds, but he plays everything from dholak and darabouka to bones, bodhran and congas, and composes tunes on guitar and mandolin.

Originally from Alaska, Tania Opland has travelled extensively and now lives on an Indian reservation in Washington State. Her vast repertoire reflecting the diversity of the communities whose music she has shared. She has appeared on radio and television in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Uzbekistan, Scotland, Ireland and England. Her five solo albums have received excellent reviews in acoustic music magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

From early classical training on piano, cello and violin, Tania moved on to explore many different fiddle styles and a wide range of wind instruments, and even to experiment with such exotic instruments as chang, gidjak and doira, giving her a style rich in techniques and traditions. She still treasures the unusual blond violin, a handmade instrument by Eskimo craftsman Frank Hobson, which she has played since she was nine years old, but has recently switched to a c.1920 German violin converted to five-string for concert work. Other instruments include an early handmade Larrivee guitar, Flatiron octave mandolin, hammered dulcimer by Dusty Strings, Kiowa Native American flutes by Allan Guffey and Stellar Flutes, and a tiny ocarina by Clayzeness Whistleworks.

This pair are unique, and captivating. To learn more about them, visit their homepage –

Tickets available on the door, for £5, concert commences 8pm with support from local performers. For advance tickets contact bryn(dot) colvin(at)blueyonder(dot)co(dot)uk or leave a comment on this blog post.

Wendy Arrowsmith

January 24, 2010

We had a brilliant night at the memorial hall on Saturday. I’ve booked Wendy Arrowsmith before – she’s a lovely singer and a deft guitar player. She handles trad with subtlty and insight, while her original material is lovely. Her songs cover a range of human experience, both historical and modern, some great stories, poignant moments, and all wrapped up in some very fine tunes.

Wendy was last with us a couple of years ago, and I realised how much she’s grown as a performer in that time. Her singing voice – always lovely, has become a good deal more powerful, enabling her to hold her own in larger venues. She’s a stronger stage presence, and there was a lot more humour in the set, offsetting all the gorgeous traditional gloom. (oh, I love The Cruel Mother and tragic ballads, and she does them very well). We all ended up doing comedy hand gestures…

It was a very good night. I remain uncertain about the wisdom of Bill flaunting his knees in a kilt (if anyone sends me photos, I will add them!), but thanks to him, and to Chris for floor spotting, to Jonathan and Belinda on the door, Pauline and Hajni in the kitchen. Hajni made us posters, Jonathan got them printed. We have such a great team. Good to see some less familiar faces as well.

I’m glad we’ve moved to doing more accessible guest nights in public venues – its great to draw more people in, and I think there’s a lot of potential to grow in the future.

Dempsey’s Lot

October 30, 2009

Saturday the 7th November we will be at the Memorial Hall, Evesham Road, Headless Cross, with Dempsey’s Lot. Tommy Dempsey, Nick Evans and John Rose are a great combination – talented musicians, lively, and good fun. Lots of traditional music, heavy on the Irish, plenty to tap your feet along to. I’ve booked this trio before – and they do an excellent night.

We start at 8pm, tickets £5 on the door.