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February 21, 2012

I haven’t updated this site in an age, because I’ve not been running a club in Redditch. I’m not actually in Redditch any more, nor am I running a club anywhere else, so I’m afraid when it comes to booking people, I’m not much help any more!

Anyone curious about what became of Bryn Colvin… is a good place to start. I’m always happy to hear from old friends, and I lost touch with a lot of folk as a consequence of leaving Redditch with no advanced planning. So things like phoning people to explain didn’t happen, and I don’t know what’s filtered through the grapevine. However, I’m alive and well, my child is thriving, I’ve remarried, and the future looks bright for us.


Burns Night

January 28, 2010

This week we will be at Sally’s celebrating all things Scottish – and Robert Burns especially. Dig out your Scottish songs, poems, whiskey, shortbread, kilts…  (or not… there’s no requirement to stick with the theme).


October 8, 2009

We had a great night with Sally last week, and much silliness. I think the silliness was mostly Bill’s fault – it usually is.

This week finds us at Dave’s house with Sarah Jones, which I’m very much looking forward to. My being away in the middle of the month is going to make the organising interesting… but hopefully we’ll figure something out. Worst case scenario it might all be a bit last minute.

There’s a lantern walk at Arrow Valley countryside centre on the 30th – always fun, and The Coven should be singing afterwards, then anyone who wants to can pile back to mine for soup and whatnot. As Halloween falls on a Saturday, there should be lots of fun with costumes that week.

PF West Midlands

September 28, 2009

On Saturday the 26th, The Coven sang at the PF West Midlands conference in Stourbridge. The Coven are an all female singing group, very much attached to the folk club (Bryn, Pauline, Belinda, Lyn and Carol) doing a mix of folk and pagan stuff – there’s plenty of overlap, and dabbling with Medieaval Babes, and the occasional slightly new agey thing – all unaccompanied harmony singing so no matter where we got it from, it all sounds a bit folk by the time we air it!

This was the biggest event we’ve performed at so far, and we sang for slightly less than an hour – went well, people were nice to us and said encouraging things, and liked the harmonies, so we were all very happy. It was a good event. Now we have to polish up the halloween material ready for the Lantern Walk on the 30th October.